Product - Vertical Green

Eco Green Group specializes in various vertical green systems. Our systems have been tested and approved by testing institution and comply with their standards.

Our professionals choose the best option of vertical greening system based on the physical conditions of the site and provide customizable design service to meet our clients’ needs.

The Series of Vertical Green System:

A.     VertoGreen Planting Metal Cell System

B.     VertoGreen Planting Metal Tray System

C.     VertoGreen Planting Plastic Cell System

D.     VertoGreen Climber System

E.     PlanterCell® 170 & 170 mini

F.      PlanterCell® 150 & 150 mini

G.    Direct Water Sprinkling System (DWSS)

Based on the site environment and conditions, Vertical Green will recommend the most suitable vertical greening option.

Benefits of Our Vertical Green Series include the following:

Customizability: This allows for more flexibility and creativity, and provides our clients with a unique vertical greening experience. Integrating different materials (e.g. Metal, Timber, Stone, etc.), logo, signage is also possible with the expertise of our professional team.

Easy Installation: Our Vertical Green Systems are easy to install and can be anchored either onto the wall or on curved surfaces or slopes.

Reduced Maintenance Needs: Our Vertical Green Systems comes completed with an automated irrigation system and thus helps to keep maintenance low.

Contact us today to find out more about the system we offer and benefits of having a vertical green wall!