Awards & Honors

In recognition of our endeavours, Eco-Green Group's involved project to have received the following awards from prestigious organisations.

Building Products & Technologies Category 

Merit Award in GBA2021

With the theme of ‘Shaping Liveability • Excellence in 

Sustainable Built Environment’, the award presentation of 

Green Building Award 2021 (GBA 2021) jointly organised 

by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) 

The award-winning system also includes our own 

proprietary creation, C4Peat, an artificial soil.

Awarded The Most Outstanding Building 

Design Award 

CORPHUB run The Most Outstanding Business Award to 

the most recognized enterprise and as a winner, by celebrating 

the efforts and achievements of corporations in different 


Awarded Asia’s Most Innovative Green 

Construction Consultants

This Award is over 21 years old today. It is the original 

international business Awards program of Hong Kong which 

started with the direct endorsement of the Hong Kong 



Awarded Outstanding Building Materials (Green) in Build4Asia 2020 

By adopting a uniquely angled cell and efficient drainage panel design, such designs create an ideal growing environment. Made from recycled materials and coated in UV-stabilizer and fire-retardant paint. The VertoGreen Planting Cell System was recognized as Outstanding Building Materials for the Build4Asia Awards 2020. 

The award-winning system also includes our latest creation, C4Peat, a hydroponic growth medium. This new soil-less formula prevents soil settlement and breeding of pests. Offering the plants an optimum environment to grow healthier, and achieving a greener, more hygienic environment.

Caring Company 2014-2019 

Eco-Green Group was awarded the Caring Company Logo for the 5th consecutive year, signaling a major achievement for the Group.

Eco-Green Group is deeply grateful to have been recognized for 5 straight years and is proud of the hard work and effort applied to meet this milestone. Eco-Green values its dedication to creating a better future by caring for colleagues, those in need in society and place paramount importance on environmental protection.

We recognize that our employee are our greatest assets for our sustainable development and, apart from providing them fair employment teams, We also promote the "Tri-Balance" in life in respect of health, family and career to enable them to enjoy a happy work environment. 

In the future, the Group will maintain this commitment by giving back to the community and participating in activities supporting worthy causes.

The Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (the HKAEE) & Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification (HKGOC) 2018



The Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (the HKAEE) and Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification (HKGOC) are led by the Environmental Campaign Committee alongside the Environmental Protection Department and in conjunction with nine organisations, namely, in alphabetical order, the Advisory Council on the Environment, the Business Environment Council, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ & Exporters’ Association, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Productivity Council. 


we will continue to strengthen our ability to meet environmental sustainability goals. We will formulate policies and implement programmes to improve and safeguard the environment while contributing proactively to strategic business decision-making that will have an impact on the environment. 

Quality Building Award 2010

Environmental & construction technologies were awarded in recognition of the high standard of The Vertical Garden at Citywalk,which was completed in 2007, by Quality Building Award 2010. This award further affirmate the sustainable development of vertical greening.

The 8th China Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneur


Hong Kong Eco-Products Award 2006