Milestones Stories


Botanica Bay

Project in Botanica Bay, located in Landau Island has recently been completed. Metal art includes automatic gate, fencing, railing and baluster for the whole estate and 16 private houses.


1 Ede Road

Private residential modern design increasingly popular. Ede Road project is based on modern style to design both full coverage and semi coverage single leaf swing gate.

1 Ede Road

Park Metropolitan

Discovery Park Shopping Centre

Large green column which the diameter of four columns from 2.45m to 3.7m was based in Discovery Park.

Tung Tau Cottage Area East

The Singapore greenery brand Uniseal's green roof system and water retention design with natural pumice as growth medium were used, and the effect was indeed very nice after months of completion in the winter.


Jordan Valley Box Culvert

Zero Carbon Building & Eco-Green Group sponsorship signing ceremony

Eco-Green Group is very proud to be involved in promoting Hong Kong's greening and low carbon living with ZCB gives the public a deeper understanding on the benefits about Vertical Green.


Hong Kong International Airport

Uses the Hong Kong International Airport trademark to as the pattern design of green roof at Skypier reach 2,226 sqm.

Moreover, in the past 7 years, over 300 green projects have been carried out, the long process of continuous development, trial, failure and improvement has truthfully reflect the progress of “Vertical Greening” and “Green Buildings” in Hong Kong.

The greening project also extended to China - Changsha & Guangzhou, Macau and other regions.

We also introduced and as sole agent (Hong Kong & Macau) of Canadian slope green technologies this year in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport

The Riverpark

The Coronation

Lee Theatre

Hong Kong's first largest outdoor vertical green in curve outline.

Hong Kong Roof Green Limited was founded

Eco-Green Group Limited 

was founded

Formally institute "Green Builds Green" as the group's philosophy. We have built many high quality green cities while preserving the natural and eco environment, we believe only by that we can make our planet a more beautiful place.



This residential project was rating as "Final Platinum" in BEAM Plus by The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC).

Besides, there are 5 projects rewarding 6 "Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012" during this year. Those projects was completed during the period of 2007-2011, which reflect the sustainability and stability of our greening systems. With the technology of vertical greening becomes matures, the project has also increased significantly; flexible design, regardless of the curve outline, curvature shape, lighting effects, design mixed with different materials, etc., could be coping with.



The first of up to 23m indoor vertical green with total 100 sqm greening area in Hong Kong. This design also mixed with lighting makes different effects in day & night.

Hong Kong Jockey Club Shatin Racecourse -
Energy Centre

The first of vertical green project with total 260 sqm greening area include automatic data control recycled water system in Hong Kong.

VTC Tao Miao Institute

"Industrial buildings revitalization scheme" which was cooperation with the Tao Heung Group and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)

Park Villa

Outdoor vertical green design mixed and match with recycled plastic.

The Grandeur


Tsz Shan Monastery

Design & manufacture of three metal lotus, finishing with gold leaf, which installed in the main hall of the Tze Shan Temple, which the Asian highest outdoor Avalokitesvara was also located. Each metal lotus size at 500 sqft. This metal artwork must blend into a variety of different technologies, each metal art up to 500 sqft.

Tsz Shan Monastery

Domestic nursery

Cultivate own plants in our domestic nursery which is suitable for vertical greening, there are already more than 180 kinds of plants have been tested and confirmed as suitable species.

We also introduced and as sole agent (Hong Kong & Macau) of Singapore greening systems "Uniseal" this year, makes more diverse selection of vertical green and green roof in Hong Kong.

Hotel Icon

Designed by the green wall specialist designer Dr. Patrick Blanc, is the first indoor vertical green up to 250 sqm in Hong Kong. This project won the silver award in school and non-government organisation projects at Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012 by Development Bureau.

18 Kowloon East

'The first of ground clearance up to 41m skyrise outdoor vertical green in Hong Kong, the whole project total green area at 800 sqm, showing the professionalism of vertical greening in Hong Kong.

This project won the silver award in private development projects at Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012 by Development Bureau.

Yeung Uk Road

Co-construction of Hong Kong's first vertical green noise barriers with Civil Engineering & Development Department (CEDD), through tests to determine the effects of soundproofing and sound-absorbing; while green noise barriers have been widely applied.

Tuen Mun Hospital

CLP Power Substation


Hong Kong Vertical Green Limited was founded

We are committed to innovation and R & D. This year we R&D of the automatic alarm system. When the irrigation system is suspend of water or electricity due to human or environmental factors, the system will send SMS to inform customers or our maintenance department to ensure system's stability.

In the same year, R&D of "Robust Soil", amounted to zero settlement, was approved as vertical greening patent products.

Hong Kong Vertical Green Limited

Quality Building Award 2010

Environmental & construction technologies were awarded in recognition of the high standard of The Vertical Garden at Citywalk, which was completed in 2007, by Quality Building Award 2010. This award further affirmate the sustainable development of vertical greening.

Jordan Valley

The Hermitage

Vertical greening mix and match with iron wrought design for the whole estate. This project won the Merit award in private development projects at Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012 by Development Bureau.

Hong Kong International Airport

The Hennessy

Vertical greening mix and match with lighting effect design. This project won the Merit award in private development projects at Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012 by Development Bureau.

Tung Tau Cottage Area West


Sau Mau Ping Phase 12

The first set of large vertical green for Housing Department.

In the same year, our R&D of "Planting Cell" vertical green system was approved as patent products.

Sau Mau Ping Phase 12

Sau Mau Ping Phase 13

Lake Silver


The 8th China Outstanding Innovative

Only 100 winners of each year, entrepreneurs amoung from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan was selected, in recognition of developing and promoting local emerging industry.

The 8th China Outstanding Innovative

Exchange Tower


Use vertical green to create green credit card as a theme to promote green living in MTR Central Station . In the same period, use 3D greening in "G" shape for the customer to establish brand awareness of environmental protection.


Citywalk 1 & Citywalk 2

The first large-scale outdoor automatic vertical greening system project in Hong Kong, green area of 450 sqm, up to 23.99 m from the ground.

This project won the Hong Kong Quality Building Award 2010; another Gold award amoung all catagories and the Silver award in private development projects at Skyrise Greenery Awards 2012 by Development Bureau.

Skyrise Greenery Awards' Jury's citation: The pioneer role of this project in stimulating a wider application and continous improvement of the greening system in respect of sustainable design and cost-effectiveness is appreciated and should be encouraged.

Citywalk 1 & Citywalk 2

MGM Mirage Atrium

A one-stop service for the entire design and build of the metal art at the Mirage Atrium.


Hong Kong Eco-Products Award 2006

R&D of "Green Panel" was awarded as Eco-Products Award 2006 by Business Environment Council.

Hong Kong Eco-Products Award 2006

R&D of "Green Panel" was awarded as Eco-Products Award 2006 by Business Environment Council.

No. 15 Homantin Hill

Width of 25 m automatic cantilever gate.

St. Andrews Place

R&D of automatic bifold gate.

The Royal Oaks

R&D of automatic bifold gate.


Strongly International Limited was founded

Vertical greening is still very innovative concept in Hong Kong.

Founded of Strongly International Limited, is the beginning of develope vertical greening systems and green roof systems, with the aim to gradually change the concrete of jungle impression in Hong Kong.

Strongly International Limited

Airport Trail

R&D of recycled plastic with structural steel.


The Caldecott

Construction of metal gates, grille, fencing, railings, balusters, canopies, door handles and sculptures for many large estates, which expanding Metanber's project's territory in Hong Kong.

The Caldecott

The Giverny


Metanber Engineering Limited was founded

Metanber was founded by accumulating 15 years design experience of metal art, committed to promoting the mix design and construction of metal craft; and establish of office with department in Foshan, China

Establishment of "Metanber" set a solid foundation for "Building" Green.

Metanber Engineering Limited

Grand Excelsior