Eco-Green Group

“Green builds green” has always been the mission of the Eco-Green Group. Over the years we have built many high quality green cities while making every effort in preserving the natural and eco-environment. We believe that our endeavors will make our planet a more beautiful place.  

With our innovative ideas, professional greening knowledge and dedication to environmental protection, we strongly believe that urban concretes and the eco-environment can be integrated harmoniously.

We understand that preservation of ecology is crucial to building an ideal living environment for our future generations. Our Group is therefore dedicated to the design and constructions of a natural recycle system in every city. To ensure our product and service qualities, we scrutinize every procedure of our projects and are meticulous in R&D, design, system building, merchandizing, construction, maintenance and project monitoring and management. 

Being a greenery industry pioneer, Eco-Green Group aims to provide our clients with a full range of Urban Greenery Solutions. With over 500 successful projects in the past decade, and the achievements are highly recognized. The long-term process of continuous development, trial and improvement has truthfully reflected the progress of “Vertical Greening” and “Green Buildings” in Hong Kong.

Beginning with a simple system and standardized green walls, we have now already invented and developed over ten afforestation systems, suitable for indoors or outdoors, high-altitude environment, curve and pattern design, just to name a few examples. Moreover, our systems go well with steel ornaments, light effects, building stones, environmentally-friendly woodcraft and running water effect.

We have been perfecting the green construction industry whole-heartedly and dedicating ourselves to research and invention; we materialize our innovation and make continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence. Our self-enhancement never stops. We understand that we still have room for betterment and this paves the way of further development of the industry. We are advancing with the aim of “Minus One Degree in Hong Kong”.

Apart from our emphasis on long term promotion of low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly development strategies, we also fulfill our social responsibilities by serving the society, caring for the community and providing training opportunities. We are always committed to building a better and greener city.

Green Builds Green - Eco-Green Group